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Covid-19 Booster Shot Eligibility For Louisiana

Highly effective in reducing the risk of severe diseases, hospitalization, and death, vaccination against COVID-19 is your best protection from contracting or spreading the virus and its variants.  With multiple vaccine options available, many people are eligible for COVID-19 booster shots to increase their immunity. Data shows that all three vaccinations approved or authorized [...]

2022-01-17T14:28:19-06:00January 17th, 2022|General News|

Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers

IT’S A JOURNEY From the moment that you decide to breastfeed your child, the preparation begins. Setting goals, accepting challenges, and taking care of yourself help you to manage the day-by-day when exhaustion and the inevitable frustration sets in (because, at some point, it will.) Coupled with nutrition assistance from WIC and support throughout [...]

2021-12-23T12:03:44-06:00December 1st, 2021|General News|

7 Strategies for Dealing with Anxiety

Recent studies reveal anxiety disorders are quite common in Americans. The ADAA, or Anxiety and Depression Association of America, found that anxiety disorders affect around 18.1 percent of the adult population of the United States or more than 40 million people. Of that portion of the population, only around 36.9 percent seek treatment for [...]

2021-11-02T11:07:03-05:00November 2nd, 2021|General News|

Acadian Elementary School-Based Health Center Now Open

Teche Action Clinic is happy to announce the re-opening of our Acadian Elementary School location. The clinic was temporarily closed due to the effects of Hurricane Ida. Read more in our recent press release: October 13, 2021 PRESS RELEASE: Teche Action Clinic announces the re-opening of the Acadian Elementary School-Based Health Center! [...]

2021-12-23T10:14:19-06:00October 26th, 2021|General News|

Don’t Forget Your Back-to-School Check-Ups

School has been back in session for some time now, but it’s not too late for you to schedule your child’s back-to-school checkup with their pediatrician! As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to focus on prioritizing your personal health and that of your children. It’s [...]

2021-09-30T11:42:59-05:00September 30th, 2021|General News|

Teche Action Clinic Providing COVID-19 Vaccines

Teche Action Clinic is currently providing COVID-19 vaccines to both adults and children age 12 and up. Vaccinations are available by appointment only. Anyone arriving without an appointment will not receive the vaccination. To schedule an appointment, please call 337-940-1943. Please leave your name, date of birth, and a valid phone number. When vaccines [...]

2021-08-05T13:48:43-05:00August 5th, 2021|General News|

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