We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your patient care needs.
Every effort will be made to schedule you with a desired physician if you request one. However, if it is not possible to see that clinician, we will try to assist you in selecting one whose specialty meets your unique health needs. For this reason, when you schedule an appointment, staff will occasionally need to ask the general nature of your visit. Such information is confidential. Specialized consultations and hospital referrals will be made based upon the patient's preference and the judgment of the attending clinician.
Teche Action Clinic patients are urged to make and keep scheduled appointments to see their health care provider. You can schedule an appointment by calling the location you wish to visit. Our staff is always ready and available to serve you.
All patients who have scheduled appointments are encouraged to be on time for his or her appointment. If you are fifteen minutes late, your appointment is considered cancelled, you will become a work-in appointment and seen between appointments. If you are too early for an appointment, you may not be called until your scheduled appointment time. It is the responsibility of patients to maintain all appointments as assigned to ensure optimum care is provided.
If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please contact us within 24 hours of the scheduled time.
This enables us to schedule other patients. Your cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated. Walk-in appointments are always welcomed. We make every effort to accommodate walk-ins based on triage evaluation and provider availability.
You can schedule an appointment either by calling the Teche Action Clinic or filling out our Appointment Request Form.



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